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Lounge around with late night beats and cool morning sensations as downtempo excursions mingle with silky beats and luxurious grooves. This soulful journey into a world of chilled electronica, nu-jazz rhythms and smooth sensual vocals focuses on some of today’s top vibrant artists from around the world.
Listen to the delicious sounds of Hillton FM & Miss Claudia, LornaLee & Barriere as they intertwine with the alluring DJ vibes of Govinda, Mysteria & Honeyroot. Radiophonic, No Noise & The Essence create an urban ambience that fuses into the ethnobeats of Al-Pha-X, Jasmon & Ikarus.

Various Artists
French Kiss
French Kiss is an ultra hip Parisian getaway into the trendy sounds of a current sensation sweeping the world. Stroll through an afternoon filled with sultry French vocals as you find time to enjoy the lovely grooves and tasteful adventures of some of today’s sexiest artists.The sexy vocals of LornaLee set the mood for Urban Chill and Hillton Fm & Miss Claudia as this European escape is exquisite and chilled. Parachute into the arms of the one you love as Mysteria, Monorama and Radiophonic shake things up as the evening unfolds into a sentimental moment…until we meet again.

Various Artists
Lovers Lounge
Where the Erotic Meets the Exotic... Lovers Lounge is a journey into an ecstatic world of sexy chilled grooves, trance inducing world beats and tantalizing melodies creating a roadmap for lovers around the world.
Enjoy the luxurious sexy driven tracks from Phobos Natacha Atlas, Upanishad and Masala as the experience of devotion becomes the vibe.
Radiophonic, Govinda and Makyo keep the flow moving with their waves of pure bliss and rhythmic experiences as the urban sounds of The Essence find the exotic textures of Shastro creating ecstatic moments of pleasure.

Various Artists
Spiritual Chillout
Discover the Future... While uncovering the Past...
A spiritual journey for the modern day mystic. Travel through mystical lands, mysterious places and magical spaces as heavenly voices mesmerize the soul, soothe the spirit and bathe the body in an ethereal glow. Featuring some of the hottest new chant artists; Lesiem, Magna Canta and Mysteria deliver amazing ethereal moods to the feel of this record as the magical lush sounds of the project Eden bathe the sacred grooves of Makyo. You will also find the sexy grooves of Govinda and Ikarus as the journey for the traveler is rounded off with this beautiful magical experience.
Various Artists
Buddha Cafe
Welcome to the Buddha Cafe... whether relaxin', chillin' out or expressing your buddha nature, this exotic collection where east meets west sets the mood and creates the groove.
The Artists on Buddha Cafe express the growing interest in eastern flavored music with a contemporary western twist. Featuring some of today’s worldbeat electronic pioneers from around the globe, this hip café sound features: Lotus, Govinda, Prem Joshua, Masala. With remixes and groove based vibes, listen to the sounds of Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Phobos and the Spirit Level. The deep bass grooves of Waterbone swirl around the cafe into the traveling moods of Upanishad revealing closing time at the Buddha Cafe.
So Step inside the Buddha Cafe.

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