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The Late Night Lounge Series is a Sexy, Chilled Mix of sophisticated electronica smoothed over with Lush vocals and jazzy downtempo Vibes. Hip and stylish, this first class exploration into super smooth beats highlights featured artist Hillton FM and the silky sweet vocals of Miss Claudia. Late Night Lounge is the Perfect combination of delicious ambiance for dinner Parties, Cocktail hour and late night enthusiasts.

See the mood just right with late night lounge........

Late Night Lounge
Music By - Hillton FM

Discover the magic of Eden and return to a time of innocence when stories and fables found in epic songs transformed the listener and communicated the inner travels of poets and mystics. Majestic and beautiful, these sweeping melodies open the heavens and allow the stars above to shine upon us and guide our way as a sense of wonder is awakened once again.

Ethereal sensual sounds of Eden create a musical journey through the sacred places of the heart while timeless words are crafted and shared as the spirit of Eden weaves through the lands.

Touch the soul and return to innocence once again.


Return to Innocence

Enter an age of mythology when legends, mystery and magical lore opened the heavens for star gazing travelers.
Mysteria creates a celestial bridge, seamless and otherworldly revealing universal truths for mystics, poets and fabled heroes as they journey across treasured shores into far away lands and inspiring muses.

Textured and timeless, euphoric and dreamlike, Gregorian Chants, ethereal female vocals and angelic voices float upon the imagination of the dreamer.

Embrace the sacred and the sensual as you awaken to the beauty ofTempting the Muse


Tempting the Muse

Fall in love with the voice of LornaLee... As she takes you on a musical journey into the sensual world of lounge driven songs accomanied by French lyrics and smooth jazzy grooves. With songs that deal with lovers and mystics, romance and yearning, this elegant enchantress masters the art of capturing the Parisian spirit. travel along with LornaLee and experience her charm as she creates a masterpiece on Rendezvous.



The distinctive funky-gypsy sound of Govinda is the creative child of a classically trained musician whose cutting-edge performance style translates to a wide audience. "I fell in love with the violin when I was eight years old and started playing classical music. I became interested in gypsy music and other music that represents my ancestry, which got me into the World music scene - specifically Middle Eastern, Indian, Celtic and Flamenco music. I began to blend this music with a more danceable, kind of trippy, funky psychedelic sound." Originating from Austin, Texas, Govinda keeps busy both on the concert stage and in the recording studio. He gives a multi-sensory, mesmerizing live show that is a cross between a rave, a classical Indian concert and a Cirque du Soleil performance.

Sound Sutras

Worlds Within

Enter the spiritual world of Lesiem and take a journey into a world of heavenly bliss and wondrous explorations.

Born out of a male voice choir, whose experience is based on a 50 year tradition, Lesiem soar across the heavens with their own brand of mystic-pop. Combining Gregorian chants with worldbeat loops, guitars and dreamlike voices, Lesiem bring their own unique style of ancient tradition to the modern world.

The eyes may be the doorway to the soul, but the voice is the chariot to the heavens.


Mystic Spirit Voices

The story of Magna Canta reveals many mysteries of the human voice as they magically blend ancient traditions of Gregorian chants with modern electronic wizardry on their debut release called Enchanted Spirits.

Rhythms of sensual melodies combined with smooth euro style dance beats make this an ethereal trip hop groove based release that takes elements of world music, new age and dance music to a higher ground. Where past, future and dreamlike visions and voices of chant unveil spiritual hymns and angelic forces of light and dark opening a mystical world of beautiful experiences.


Magna Canta
Enchanted Spirits
Magna Canta

Tibet is a musical roadmap where eastern mystical exotica meets seductive western electronica.

Whispered in the same breath with as Deep Forest and Dead Can Dance, Waterbone combine sensual dreamy vocals, hypnotic rhythms and intoxicating sound portraits that cradle the mystery and magic found throughout the mystical land known as Tibet.

Producer/Musicians Jimmy Waldo and D. Kendall Jones created this record as they traveled to Kathmandu to record the raw sample material for this trip-hop collage of Nepali singing, street chat, and instrumental performances.



Producer Brian Wayy is the mastermind behind Xcultures, an ethnic fusion project designed to meld a variety of world music samples with ethereal ambient synths and contemporary electronic beats. The sound is similar to Deep Forest or Enigma, but drawing from a wider palette of indigenous influences, from Scottish folk and Russian monastic chanting to Moroccan and West African vocal and percussion styles.

Wayy began forming his production expertise during the late '80s, when he worked as a remixer, programmer, and sometime songwriter on records by mainstream Top 40 hitmakers like Paula Abdul, Stevie B., Rod Stewart, Wilson Phillips, Diana Ross, the Doobie Brothers, and RuPaul.

From there, he moved into television scoring work circa 1994, and subsequently began pursuing his more personal muse with the Xcultures project. The debut Xcultures album, One World One People, was released in early 1999.

One World One People

One World One Peopl

Arising like the phoenix from the flames, Los Ninos de Sara (3/4 of Alabina) have decided to take flight on their own gypsy caravan. These four gypsies Antonio, Ramon, Coco and Santi bring the heart of desire and passion to life with their debut release... Gipsyole!

The children of Sara paint a landscape of beauty with fiery flamenco guitars and romantic gypsy vocals. Seductive melodies, heart-throbbing salsa beats along with cuban horns will have you dancing to a celebration of love and life.


Los Ninos de Sara
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