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Buddha Cafe - 2

Feel the vibe and unwind with some of today’s hottest dj’s in the global chillout scene. Hand selected deeply chilled tracks capture the spiritual feeling of the east in a cosmopolitan lounge setting of the west.
From smooth jazzy styles to sophisticated and sensual uptempo dance grooves, Buddha Café 2 is the perfect backdrop for blissful Zen moments.
Whether yoga practice, dinner parties or lounging around, chilling out has never sounded so good.
Go with the flow and welcome back to the Buddha Café…Enjoy


Sound Sutras

Sound Sutras shines with the brilliance of Govinda's exploration into a world of organic grooves and sensual electronica. Wit tracks that are deliciously sexy, hip and deeply chilled, Govinda crafts uptempo beats with a downtempo elegance. Seductive violin melodies inspired from around the globe, nocturnal dub rhythms and warm lush vocals express a profound passion through his music...


Tempting the Muse

Enter an age of mythology when legends, mystery and magical lore opened the heavens for star gazing travelers.
Mysteria creates a celestial bridge, seamless and otherworldly revealing universal truths for mystics, poets and fabled heroes as they journey across treasured shores into far away lands and inspiring muses.
Textured and timeless, euphoric and dreamlike, Gregorian Chants, ethereal female vocals and angelic voices float upon the imagination of the dreamer.
Embrace the sacred and the sensual as you awaken to the beauty of
Tempting the Muse…



Fall in love with the voice of LornaLee... As she takes you on a musical journey into the sensual world of lounge driven songs accomanied by French lyrics and smooth jazzy grooves. With songs that deal with lovers and mystics, romance and yearning, this elegant enchantress masters the art of capturing the Parisian spirit. travel along with LornaLee and experience her charm as she creates a masterpiece on Rendezvous...



Enter the spiritual world of Lesiem and take a journey into a world of heavenly bliss and wondrous explorations.
Born out of a male voice choir, whose experience is based on a 50 year tradition, Lesiem soar across the heavens with their own brand of mystic-pop. Combining Gregorian chants with worldbeat loops, guitars and dreamlike voices, Lesiem bring their own unique style of ancient tradition to the modern world.
The eyes may be the doorway to the soul, but the voice is the chariot to the heavens...



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